The Food Pantry

The CFA Breeder Assistance Program, set up initially to aid cat breeders who found themselves overwhelmed for various reasons, has been quietly and successfully in operation since 2006.

Breeders who needed help have received the confidential assistance they requested - one had lost their job and could no longer afford to purchase sufficient food, others had extreme emergencies such as surgery with extensive recovery time, a new limit law with a 10 day compliance requirement that necessitated an immediate reduction in numbers, and a breeder who experienced a major house fire.

As the program was being developed in the CFA Midwest Region, an urgent need for pet food was uncovered.  It was discovered that, occasionally, breeders might need help to feed their cats. To fulfill this need, donations of cat food were requested at cat shows -- and the Food Pantry program was born!

With the generous assistance of Royal Canin, a system has been developed to assist those cat owners who find themselves in dire straits and unable to purchase cat food. Royal Canin's donation of their overstock to the fledgling Food Pantry program helped immensely in the beginning to relieve the burden of the expense of feeding cats. As well as aiding breeders in stressful situations, Royal Canin’s donation of their overstock product aided cats in need across the country. In conjunction with the national Food Pantry program, large quantities of Royal Canin was donated and distributed to shelters and rescue groups to aid in the care of their rescued cat populations. During this time, Royal Canin helped the Food Pantry ship approximately 60,000 pounds of food around the country.

The program now is on a much smaller level. Royal Canin no longer has the large over flow of food and we no longer have a warehouse to store it in. So we now call in gift cards to the closest Pet food store which allows the individual to shop close to home and feed the cats normal diet.

If you know of a breeder in need of help, please contact Nancy at Please consider a donation to the CFA Breeder Assistance and Food Pantry Programs to help individuals in need.